Amity Senior Gives Inspiring Relay Speech

Her family has been touched by cancer since she was a child.

You may know from her athletic skill on the field or volleyball court, but now she is making a name for herself as a cancer victim's warrior.

In March, Jacqui wrote an opinion piece in the Amity High School newspaper, "The Trident" to promote the and let her fellow students know why it is important.

What came from it was the inspiring speech she gave before the crowd at this year's Relay at . Standing before a group of her peers, some teachers and many strangers who participated in the fundraising event that cold, windy evening.

Patch included of this poignant moment, but , Joe sent along the text of what she said, in case anyone missed it:

"Even before I was born, cancer affected my life. Years before my birth, my family lost my mother’s mother to lung cancer.

"At age three, my mother was diagnosed with melanoma. When I was in elementary school, a girl I played softball with was diagnosed with leukemia. In the same year, I lost my grandfather to lung and heart cancer.

"Throughout these years my friends were also dealing with similar situations. By the end of ninth grade, I lost my grandmother to leukemia and her death inspired me to join Relay.

"I thought I was determined to raise money then, and pay tribute to all of those I had lost and all those who had survived. But I was wrong. This past November, my mother was diagnosed with angiosarcoma, liver cancer. The news shocked me, upset me, angered me, and lit a fire in me that is unstoppable.

"Every day that I watch her struggle through this horrific type of cancer, I become more determined to make sure the doctors have all the resources they need to make sure she gets better. Relay for Life will help her and so many others by providing money needed for the research that has already saved so many lives.

"My story may be unique, but it is not uncommon. I thank you all for being here and helping to support people with cancer. Thank you."

The complete essay can be found on the Amity Trident website.

Diane May 02, 2012 at 02:43 PM
Thank you Jacqui for fighting for those who can. God Bless you and your family.
Diane May 02, 2012 at 02:46 PM
sorry, my message should read...Thank you Jacqui for fighting for those who can NOT.


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