Girls' Soccer: Amity Trounces West Haven 5-0

Amity girls' soccer is now 2-0-1; Coach: "We could have done better."


They may have started out the season with a tie, but Amity girls' soccer is good enough this season to effortlessly hold back an 0-3 team like West Haven. Still, the Spartans may have stretched out the 5-0 game Wednesday night at Amity High School a little longer than coach Owen Quigley would have liked.

With three goals from Meaghan Howard and one each from Tara Ramirez and Alexa Gibbs, it was no contest. The Spartans kept control predictably tight. But for a team like the Spartans, with consistent strengths across the board and four solid captains in Howard, Ramirez, Allison Meier and Dakota Kelly, a 5-0 finish with three goals in the second half isn't good enough.

"We're a strong team," said Quigley. "We've got good leadership from our senior players, which enables us to give the young ones more playing time. But we could have done better."

Quigley says he would have liked to see a stronger push in the first half. In fact, he says, the main concern he had was settling the game as early as possible to let the younger girls on the team have a chance to shine. 

"The game we tied [against East Haven] is still haunting me," said Quigley. "We outshot the other team 26-2 and still couldn't score. We just had a very bad night."

Amity outshot West Haven by a considerable margin Wednesday night, too.

"We wouldn't have run the score up," he said. "I would have liked our finishing to be a little more crisp. Before we took the first goal, we took way too many shots."

Next up: Amity plays Cheshire (2-1) Friday at Amity High School.


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