'Historic' Decision Splits School Closure in BOWA District

Amity and Woodbridge schools will be closed tomorrow, Feb. 13, but Orange and Bethany will have school.

As the blizzard cleanup continues, this just in from the Orange School Distict:

"In a 'historic and not precedent setting' decision, the BOWA district schools have separated in order to meet our unique needs in this time of extreme hardship.  As a result, Orange and Bethany will have school tomorrow. Unfortunately, Woodbridge and Amity will not. The BOWA districts will all abide by our original calendars which scheduled a Feb. vacation, even in this period of hardship, so that our districts can trust our decisions when we make them."

All Amity schools, including both middle schools, will be closed on Wednesday, Feb. 13. "According to Town officials, road conditions in Woodbridge are not yet safe for bus transportation," the Amity School District writes.

Included in the announcement from Orange is a letter to parents that provides key information about bus routes and Friday's full-day schedule change. That letter is attached as a PDF.


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