Election 2012 Rocky Hill: Guerrera Re-elected to the 29th

Democrat Antonio "Tony" Guerrera handily beats back a challenger. Voters also approved several bonding referendums.


Antonio "Tony" Guerrera easily won re-election to the 29th House District on Tuesday. The Democrat bested his Republican challenger, Todd Brown on a vote of 10,395 to 3,311, according to figures compiled by the Hartford Courant.

In other notable races, incumbent Democrat Paul Doyle late Tuesday was leading his Republican challenger, Joe Dinunzio, on a vote of 14,066 to 8,087 in the 9th Senate District race, the Courant reports.

Voters also overwhelmingly approved a $10.1 million bonding appropriation for farmland preservation on a vote of 4,936 to 2,481. Voters additionally passed, 5,207 to 2,033, a multi-town plan for $800,000,000 in improvements for the second phase of the MDC's sewer plant improvements.

Local voters approved the open space referendum by almost 2:1 Tuesday. 

According to Jessica Dumas, assistant to Town Manager Barbara Gilbert, the town sent an "explanatory text" to residents approximately one week before the vote to publicize the measure, but it was worded neutrally, as required by law. She conceded that individual councillors may have performed their own advocacy in support of the referendum. Councillor Frank Szeps acknowledged that he and some of colleagues on the Town Council employed "phone networking to get people to at least understand why we want them to support it." 

As voting hours drew to a close, Szeps stated that he was "anxiously awaiting the results to see if we can protect our existing farmland." Referendum backers canvassed outside the polling center at the Rocky Hill Community Center throughout the day. Their yellow "Vote Yes Question 1" placards were sandwiched among various candidate signs. Chris Parsons supplied one of the votes that helped pass the referendum.

"I think it's important," he declared. "I grew up here and lived here, and I think it's sad to see the open space dwindling away." Robert and Brenda Stevens cited kinship as the basis for their support for the measure. "We have some close friends in town who have a farm," Brenda explained. Angela Palumbo, who also voted "yes", reinforced the importance of protecting Rocky Hill's farms. "I think it's a great idea to preserve our limited farmland." And Mark Roy, another supporter, recalls, "This town used to be all farms. I was a part of it when I was a boy." Roy also believes the town should defend its open spaces "so the animals have a habitat."

Todd Brown November 07, 2012 at 11:39 AM
My letter to Tony: Hi Tony, Congratulations on a well earned victory. I'm sorry I didn't call last night to wish you well. I got very chilled during the closing shift at Griswold Middle School and went home and fell asleep while trying to warm up. The Mayor can confirm it was getting bitterly cold standing outside near the end. As I said yesterday your years of service for the town has earned my respect as well as that of a majority of the citizens of Rocky Hill. Best wishes for your next term in the State House. For myself, I said the driving force for my running was my desire to make Connecticut a better place. I am lowering my sights a little and will be spending my time trying to make Rocky Hill a better place. The Rocky Hill Republican Town Committee often has spaces to fill on the various boards and committees here in town and I'm sure there will be an opening that will be a good fit for me. Best Regards, Todd Brown
Jaclyn Farnham November 07, 2012 at 08:49 PM
The Open Space referendum allowed the message to get out that the Town has not always been good stewards of our open space as history shows, so the Town Council ought to protect the open space that it currently has on the books (aka the West Street parcel of Elm Ridge Park) before purchasing additional space. I hope they don't decide to swap out new open space on the West side of town with the referendum money, for space on the East side, as I predict. If anything, I don't think they want me coming being able to say.. "I told you so." The people of this Town have put their trust in you (not that you deserve it), so go out and start earning it by protecting your existing holdings!


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