East Haven Continues to Fight Tweed Runway Expansion

East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo continues to oppose any runway expansion.

Tweed Airport Executive Director Timothy Larson concedes there was a failure to communicate with East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr. regarding a proposed General Assembly bill that could have led to the expansion of the airport’s runway, the New Haven Register reports. 

Larson says he will work better to communicate more with Maturo and New Haven Mayor Toni Harp regarding talks about possible runway expansion, Evan Lips reports. 

Maturo last week wrote a scathing letter to Harp saying he felt left out of talks regarding the future of the airport. A proposed state bill would have allocated $2 million to chop down trees and pave over grass safety area possibly leading to expansion of the runway.

However, Maturo in his letter last week said a 2009 agreement between East Haven and New Haven capped the runway, and further expansion is not possible. Maturo threatened limitation over the issue. 

On Thursday, Maturo released a statement saying, “I am pleased that Executive Director Larson has pledged to be more transparent and collaborative regarding the future of Tweed Airport.  

As I previously indicated, our community appreciates the fact that Tweed is a critical regional resource and we will continue to work with the City and the Airport Authority to promote the success of the airport. However, in collaborating with the authority and the City of New Haven, I will continue to vigorously advocate for the residents who live around the airport and who have legitimate quality-of- life concerns about the future operation and potential expansion of the airport’s footprint,” Maturo said. 

Ron July 21, 2014 at 09:36 PM
Just so no one thinks I believe that Tweed is the only one misleading us, out former Mayor did her part also. If she didn't sell that land to Tweed, these conversations might not be taking place right now.
steve pappas July 21, 2014 at 10:47 PM
Its time for Tweed to rise from mediocrity and let the market determine what level of service Tweed can offer and for sure its more than just four flights to Philadelphia.
Ron July 21, 2014 at 11:40 PM
If the RSA's are still going to be used as over runs and not as runway, why the need to pave them? I also believe if you look at the airport on google earth, they can fit another RSA after they pave the existing one on the southern end. And yes the MOA is flawed, but correcting it is not needed. The FAA has already told Tweed that they can not honor it because they would in violation of a number of grants. And as far as East Haven being against anything Tweed wants to do, I was on the wetlands commission and I believe the fire house and some other safety improvements were approved.
Ron July 22, 2014 at 08:02 AM
Thanks Steve, you just made my point. The reasons for the overrun is for aborted take offs or an over shot landing. They are not for more take off roll or landing roll out. Is a grass RSA any better than gravel ? The airport chose the grass option above all others so they would be easier to pave over. As for closing the airport after their use, how then would e-mass be a viable option for any airport, but it's in use in many and takes up less room, and could be fit at the southern end of the runway. Your pushing this as a safety issue when it clearly is not. I can not comment on the ILS issue as I was not involved back then.
Richard Poulton July 22, 2014 at 08:41 AM
One HUGH item missing in all this is one of the leading areas of money making. Bulk commerce. Carriers like FedEx, UPS, USPS, all use airlines to move their procucts. Story sometime ago about small regional services like USAir in NH, make more money on fright/mail then passengers. What is missing at Tweed or surrounding properties is the availability for space these company's can use for storage/shipping of commercial goods. Right now everything goes to BDL and trucked to facilities in NoH or Wallingford. Do we realy want 48' tractor trailers rumbling down the existing streets? Airports need more then just passenger service to survive and the commercial fright side is just not posssible.


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