Campaign Notebook: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Campaigns for McMahon

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie came to Connecticut to stump for Linda McMahon on Monday. The governor, a rising star in the Republican Party, planned to partake in rallies in Stamford, Waterbury and Glastonbury. 

Chris Murphy’s camp criticized the two Republicans in a statement.

“Chris Christie and Mitt Romney’s tax cuts for millionaires and tax hikes for the middle class have failed time and again, but Linda McMahon wants to give them another try in Connecticut,” said campaign spokesman Ben Marter. 

Third District 

Rosa DeLauro and Wayne Winsley had a televised debate on Face the State. The full broadcast can be viewed here.

Fourth District

Steve Obsitnik found the federal government’s stimulus plan to be an ineffective use of taxpayer money. Jim Himes charged that Obsitnik’s company benefited from the spending. The News Times details the spat between the two candidates, which also focuses on a bankrupt yacht builder in Bridgeport that received stimulus funds.

Fifth District

Elizabeth Esty and Andrew Roraback faced off on Saturday in their second debate.

According to the Hartford Courant, “Esty tried to paint Roraback as just another party-line vote for House Republicans. Roraback, who is running as a moderate Republican, worked to portray himself as unafraid to stand up to his party and not interested in engaging in ‘partisan snipefest.’”

The New Britain Herald reports that about 70 people attended the debate.

Hansa Junchun October 24, 2012 at 01:32 PM
If Christie wanted to help us, he would have been in New Haven stumping for Wayne Winsley for Congress, and denouncing Rosa DeLauro as the least effective legislator in several generations with ZERO sponsored bills being passed, not to mention being the most arrogant, corrupt, demeaning, partisan ideological extremist to slither from whichever tomb the DNC holds its Steering Committee meetings. You see, Rosa cares only about augmenting party power and disseminating bitter attack propaganda. That's her thing. Actually passing legislation that provides solutions to our problems is not on the radar. Even in this debate, Rosa pulled out that tired, worn-out 16-year-old bill of hers, the National Infrastructure Bank, and spoke of it as though it exists. But it doesn't! And it never will! Nobody in Congress wants to work with Rosa. They hate her guts because she is too violently partisan. She has made too many enemies. Her own party despises her except for the dirty work she does attacking her enemies. And the Republicans, having suffered so many scathing abuses by her, absolutely will not acknowledge her. Rosa may have seniority (and a chairmanship that she bought for $1 million in campaign cash) but its totally worthless. She has no power, no influence, no allies, and a room full of enemies who cannot wait for her to be gone! So let's do something to break the gridlock and get our legislature functioning again: throw out Rosa! Elect Wayne Winsley!
Linz November 29, 2012 at 03:35 PM
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