Shoplifting Season Has Begun

Patrol officers stayed busy keeping on top of shoplifting complaints last weekend.

Black Friday often marks the beginning of holiday shoplifting season, too.

Store security officers, employees and police know the tricks shoplifters use to "rip off" the stores and ultimately everyone else.

Between Friday and Sunday Orange police responded to six shoplifting complaints and made five arrests.

On Friday, Nov. 26 a youthful offender was arrested at Kohl's, accused of taking $62.99 worth of merchandise without paying for it.

A juvenile was nabbed for stealing $62 in merchandise.

On Saturday, police returned to Kohl's on two more complaints. Two juveniles were arrested on larceny charges, one was accused of taking $34 in merchandise; the other allegedly took $132.50 worth of items without paying for them.

A 24-year-old Hamden man was arrested at Target on Sunday Nov. 28.

Police said Peter Fusco, of 20 Brook St., was accused of trying to leave the store with a 22-inch television, a 32-inch television and a Blu Ray player, that he had not paid for. The total value of the merchandise was $779.97.

Fusco was held on $1,000 bond and brought to court Nov. 29.

According to Orange Police, someone stole two iPods from Radio Shack and escaped in a black vehicle on Sunday.

Shoplifting is a crime, and if you are caught you will be arrested, and police will be more than happy to fit you with a pair of handcuffs. Your name will get into the newspaper and you'll be 'famous.' So ask yourself — is it worth it?


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