Criminal Arrests Climb Slightly Along With Call Volume

Orange Police release the latest crime statistics, broken down by category.

Orange Police saw an increase in the number of incidents reported in January as they opened 2013, but the number of incidents for larcenies and fights dropped from late last year. At the same time, though, the number of DUIs doubled, from 2 in November to 4 in January, and the number of criminal arrests increased slightly.

The complete stats for January are below and also included as a PDF attachment on this article.

  • 2,958 — calls for service
  • 0 — robberies
  • 2 — burglaries (1 residential, 1 commercial)
  • 134 — activated burglar alarms
  • 39 — criminal arrests
  • 21 — shoplifting/larcenies
  • 17 — fights/disturbances
  • 4 — arrests for DWI
  • 78 — traffic accidents
  • 262 — motor vehicle citations
  • 99 — medical emergencies


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