Orange Man Arrested for Alleged Jewelry Theft

The following arrest information was provided by the Woodbridge Police Department. It does not indicate convictions.


An Orange man was arrested on Sept. 18 after allegedly stealing jewelry from a Peck Hill Road Home in Woodbridge. Connor Lepensky, 20, was charged with second-degree burglary and first-degree larceny. He was released after posting $25,000 and is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 27

Other Arrest

A 15-year-old Amity High School student was arrested on Sept. 19 after allegedly punching a student several times in the face. The student’s identity was not disclosed due to their age. The student was referred to the Juvenile Court in New Haven after being charged with third-degree assault.

Orange Resident September 25, 2012 at 10:51 AM
According to my sources (students from Amity), this girl deserved to get punched. Apparently she was bullying this girls' friends and she was only standing up for them. I understand that she doesn't have a great reputation, but I'm glad that she stood up for people getting pushed around. It's about time the bullies learn a lesson.
Mimi Jordan September 25, 2012 at 02:11 PM
Orange...gee wasn't that the quiet, non-violent town I heard of???? WHAT IS happening here? Drugs, school problems with fights and drugs, cover-ups and secrets, multi-families living in what is to be a single family homes...do not get me going,,not in a good mood lately!!!! UGH!!!
kathy September 25, 2012 at 06:07 PM
Maybe parents should check out their kids fb pages because both girls seem to have some real issues. NOONE, however has the right to punch another in the face because of some mean words. That girl likes to physically fight. Hopefully our students know that they have adults in their lives that will help them problem solve, when they run into trouble. None of this should be happening and perhaps the school needs to offer night school to the kids who lack such basic self-control.
Jake September 25, 2012 at 10:01 PM
What is your problem?


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