Property Transfers — Half Million Dollar Home Sold

Home sales brisk in Orange this month.

119 Sunrise Circle, $515,895, Sunrise Hill Estates LLC to Alphonse Inclima, April 17.

404 Wildwood Drive, $383,000, Harold J. Hoffman to Eriks Laganovskis, April 11.

350 Cross Street, $310,000, Peter Stallings to Joseph Izzo, April 13.

96 Neenan Street, $208,000, Ding Gang Liu to David Kelly, April 16.

857 Donna Drive, $257,000, Carole Kish to Douglas Drenzek, April 17.

241 Derby Avenue, $161,075, Joseph E Moule to William Varsh, April 18.

330 Haystack Hill Road, $350,000, Alphonse Inclima to Metin R. Aliev, April 18.


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