Married or Dating - Great Spring Date Ideas for you Men

Do you and your significant other do "date night"? Why not?

When the promise of spring brings a young man’s fancy to think about girls… or a middle aged, married man who’s not had enough fun with his wife lately and wants to create a little spark, or a man who wants to attract a new woman – here is your primer of how to create memorable and meaningful dates to bring that romance zing back into your life.

How many times have you taken your wife, or a date out to dinner?  Likely many times, and that’s okay,   but occasionally it’s time to raise the bar, amp up the energy and break out of the unexpected! 

How to begin?  Take a moment to think on what you know about the lady in question – even if you’ve only had just one date, what did you talk about – what were common interests?  Did she seem frisky enough to try something new?   Lets’ consider some options for your next date that will set you apart from the crowd.   A great date includes an activity along with the requisite food and beverage and is a terrific day for an established couple or a beginning for a possible new one.  

Did you know Connecticut has a “wine trail”?  Log on http://www.ctwine.com/ and see what’s in your backyard.  Set in some of the prettiest areas in CT, these vineyards are a tasty and delightful venue.  Go for a structured tasting, or bring your own picnic and enjoy the offerings on a blanket savoring the wine and the view, and the company!

Go for an easy, scenic bike ride.  http://www.traillink.com/trailsearch.aspx?tn=&st=CT&ct=&sp=N is the CT link for listings of Rails to Trails Conservancy.  If you haven’t heard of this, these are converted old railroad tracks that are flat (max grade 3%) and perfect for an easy ride.  Load your backpack with water and a snack, and make sure you stop at a vista for a smooch!

How about a walk?  http://www.visitconnecticut.com/current_category.1560/companies_list.html  describes various trails in CT.  Unless you are serious hikers, just start off with a walk over pretty, reasonably smooth terrain - not a heart pounding, rock scrabbling hike.  You can anticipate with pleasure that this is where you will start (or remember) holding hands!

Dancing catch her fancy but not your expertise?  There are bars all over the state that offer great bands and warm up dance lessons an hour prior to the main event.   A couple suggestions are swing; http://www.havetodance.com/hartfordswing/,  Argentine tango (very sexy!) http://www.tangosueno.com/,  or http://caddyranch.com/lessons/lessons.html for country lessons at the Cadillac Ranch.   Dancing that involves physical contact between the couple (as opposed to just rock and roll gyrating) can be very chemistry building!

Are you more cultural – there are museums in almost every town in CT.  Sure the MOMA is amazing, but a small museum is a perfect date opener, as you then have plenty time and energy for a meal together.  Google the type of exhibits you two might enjoy – fine art (Wadsworth, Bruce, Yale, Lyman) or modern – even rock and roll.   This site does it all:  http://www.connquest.com/connecticut/directory/museums/ctmuseums.html

For the historic preservationist, a historic house tour makes a great date.  The Hudson Valley has amazing options http://www.hudsonvalley.org/ as well as  Mark Twain House in Hartford http://www.marktwainhouse.org/, Gillette Castle in East Haddam, http://www.ctrivervalley.com/4-Connecticut-CT-in-of/Major-attractions-in-CT/gillette_castle_state_park/index.html, or for a more modern touch, how about Phillip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan http://philipjohnsonglasshouse.org/

Don’t think Zoo’s are just for kids – there is something deeply satisfying and playful about walking around a zoo.  Be sure to buy her a crackerjack or cotton candy to keep in the character of the day.  Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo http://www.beardsleyzoo.org/ works well.  See if you can get her to ride the restored merry-go-round and don’t forget the petting zoo part – guaranteed to bring a smile to her face when you hand her those little kibbles the baby goats snuffle out of her hand! 

With locations in Norwalk and Dubai (yes!) Chocopologie is a marvelous date venue to satisfy your sweet tooth.  In historic downtown SoNo, you can eat dinner there, or change locations and conclude with to-die-for-desserts.   By the way - sharing is sexy, so definitely share, (spoon feed her a bite – if you dare!)

Dinners on the Farm, http://www.dinnersatthefarm.com/Dinners_at_the_Farm/Welcome.html  is a wonderful country open air eating experience.  Do you have a convertible?  The drive there is a big part of the fun!

Out for a drink?  Hotel bars are often a great choice as they are attractive, quite plush, often with big leather club chair seating and quieter than many and easy parking.  I like Davenports, the 18th floor of the Omni Hotel  in New Haven or the Stamford Marriot’s Northern Lights Lounge.  In central CT the Hawthorne Inn is nice.

Theater or a concert/ musical performance has a downside in that talking is limited, but the positive of it being such a terrific date overshadows that.  Here’s a site that has it all:  http://www.theatermania.com/connecticut/shows/.  Be sure to make time either before or after for a quiet drink and conversation together.

Venues that I don’t recommend, until you know each other better are casinos; face it, the frenetic cha-chinging as well as being dependent on the mood of the night being in sync with the swing of the dice!  Movies are for couples that know each other a little better – unless there is a showstopper that you both agree is a must see – wait on this date a bit. 

This is the out of the ordinary date that hopefully at some moment you will stroll arm and arm and feel that so sweet “couple’s” feeling.  No matter how long it’s been since you felt it last!  

evegeissler March 21, 2011 at 04:55 AM
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