Restaurants in Orange - Thai House

Traditional Thai cuisine in Orange

Thai House Restaurant, located at 200 Boston Post Road has been serving their traditional Thai cuisine since 1985.  This family owned and operated restaurant takes pride in everything they do and it shows in their hospitality and food.

This week, I was accompanied by Ken Lenz, Attorney and secretary for the Orange Lions Club.  Ken has eaten Thai food before and this was my first experience.

Ken had the Salmon Yellow Curry, which consisted of Salmon filet, green pepper, onion, tomato and zicchini in a yellow curry sauce.  It is served with white rice.  The salmon was tender and the curry sauce was medium hot.  The sauce did overshadow the flavor of the salmon a bit, but blended well.  The vegetables were all very fresh and perfectly prepared.  Rating 9

I got the Pan Thai/Chicken Cashew Nut/Chicken Satay Combination, which was a very interesting blend of flavors.  Each being very different.  The Chicken Satays came with a peanut sauce which added nicely to the flavor.  The Pan Thai was a nice combination of very light noodles, chicken and vegetables.  The Chicken Chasew Nut had a very mild curry taste.  The chicken was thin sliced and very tender, the combination of fresh vegetables enhanced the dish rather than being filler and fresh pineapple chunks added sweetness.  The flavors of each was a pleasant surprise     Rating 8.5

The service was exceptional, the servers all worked together to ensure every guest was being taken care of.  This being a family owned and operated restaurant, everyone works well with each other to ensure the comfort of their guests.  Rating 9.

Overall rating 8.75


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