Restaurants in Orange - Shanghai Gourmet China Bistro

Serving great Chinese food since 2003

, located at 533 Boston Post Road has been serving their traditional Chinese and a combination of Asian, Malaysian and Thai cuisine since 2003.  This family owned and operated restaurant takes pride in everything they do and it shows in their hospitality and food.  Steve Guo, Owner and executive chef, works hard at this restaurant and does all he can to please his guests.

I started off with Tom Yam Goong, a wonderful soup with seafood and vegetables that held their flavors and textures in a spicy broth.  Unlike a lot of spicy foods, I could taste the spice while eating it, but it did not leave a burning sensation that carried through the meal.  Excellent starter.

Next was their Signature dish, Sambai Delight. Marinated Jumbo Prawns, Sea Scallop and Chicken Sauteed with Mixed Asian Vegetables.  This dish is truly a delight with the mix of flavors. Each element of the dish brings out their own flavors.  Truly a dish to savor.

Next was the Mongolian Beef.  Spicy slices of beef and vegetables in a very flavorful sauce.  Although the dish was spice while eating, the beef had a nice tender flavor and the spices were not overpowering.  It came with Beans, Asparagus and zucchini, all well prepared, tender but not overcooked.

Last was the Crispy Duck.  The skin was very crispy with great flavor and the meat was very tender.  I have had duck before, but it was always boneless.  As long as you are willing to pick it up to enjoy all of the meat and the bones don't bother you, this is a good dish with great flavor and texture.

The atmosphere was very inviting and Winnie and Steven Guo, will do everything they can to make it a pleasant experience with great food at very reasonable prices.  They both take the time to meet their guests and welcome their comments.

Click here to view their menu.  For reservations call 203-891-8788

Overall rating 8.75


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