PHOTOS: 'Sensory Disintegration' at Orange Town Hall

The mixed media artwork of David Katz is on display and we've taken pics of a few pieces. What do you think of his work?

If the art on display at Orange Town Hall makes you stop and take a closer look, that's exactly what the artist wants.

The work of David Katz, the artist whose mixed media is on exhibit now through the month of February, is eye-catching and thought-provoking.

Here's what David says about his work, in a document available at Town Hall:

"What stories lay buried in the cast-off objects of contemporary existence? I construct visual narratives from the overlooked and forgotten artifacts of post-industrial life. My work examines human sensory experience — flesh and blood bodies confronting a highly mechanized and digitized landscape. Along the way, I explore the interplay between ordinary and extraordinary, organic and synthetic, sacred and profane. I like to think of the creative process as performing a sort of intepretive archeology of the flotsam and jetsom of modern life."

The pieces on display are for sale and range in price from $35 to $275. For more information, visit David's website, www.sensorydisintegration.com, or get in touch with him via email at katz.db@gmail.com

The exhibit at The Gallery at Town Hall, 617 Orange Center Road, is sponsored by the Orange Arts & Culture Council.

If you're interested in having your artwork displayed in the gallery, stop by Town Hall to grab an application or contact Lucia Bloom, chair of the council, at luciabloom@sbcglobal.net or 203-795-4970.

Jaimie Cura January 29, 2013 at 11:40 PM
Very cool - I like the idea of re-purposing items for art. And to all the artists out there, you can contact the library about displaying your artwork too.


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